About Our Books

Quality books for a brighter future! 

Like-new, quality books for about half the price.

Our books are in the best possible second-hand condition - practically new in many cases - and we hand-select each book with care.

Buy our books to reduce your carbon emissions and save money. 

How does buying books from us help the planet? 

  • Reusing books instead of buying new means a lower contribution to carbon emissions.* 
  • I offer free delivery when you spend £20 or more or if you choose a Book Gift Box or Book Club Subscription. This reduces the number of small packages we post out, therefore doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions further. 
  • Choose a Book Club Subscription or Gift Box and be 'surprised by us'. This means you are contributing to a move towards a 'non-demand' shopping culture which has further benefits for the environment as well as being great fun and an opportunity to stretch your reading repertoire of course!
  • Subscriptions are available as quarterly deliveries of 3 books rather than monthly deliveries of 1 book - saving the number of deliveries and impact on the environment as well as saving our customers the cost of additional postage. 
  • We have chosen recyclable packaging and a shipping courier with the lowest carbon emissions in the UK. (Royal Mail 2022 - alternative options available during postage strikes)

I (Lucie) am passionate about recycling and reusing books and I specialise in sourcing books in the best possible second-hand condition.

Our books make excellent gifts for an ethical book lover or as a great treat for yourself! 

The best thing about Book Bubble books is that that you are hardly compromising on quality. I consider our books to be in very good, excellent or nearly-new condition and I personally hand-select each book with care. 

Occasionally we compromise on condition a little where we think the title is of particular interest to our customers or of other value. 

I hope that you find joy in browsing and selecting from our Book Bubble Online Shop

I strive to ensure excellent value for money and choice for my customers. If you have any comments or questions, please Contact Us.

To find about more about me and Book Bubble, visit our About page.

Happy reading!



A great selection of titles in practically perfect condition - both fiction and non fiction

Browse and buy individual titles. Free postage if you spend £20 or more on books. 

Always cheaper than new with savings of around 50% on the cover price. 


    Book Club

    Join our Book Bubble Book Club!

    Perfect for avid readers and book lovers and our best value option. 

    Get a regular book fix delivered straight to your door and save 10% on a regular delivery. 

    Extra 10% off additional book orders in our shop for all active subscribers. 

    FREE postage and packaging for Book Club Members


    Book Gift Boxes 

    A perfect gift for book lovers 

    Beautiful book packages combining books and beautiful book-themed gifts sent to your chosen address.

    Choose from a variety of genres and let us pick 3 or 6 surprise books for you or  your loved one.

    All Gift Bundles come with a FREE bookmark and FREE postage & packaging


    * Making and selling a new book creates more that 5 times the CO2 emissions of shipping a used book over 2000 miles! (BookFinder 2022)


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