Re-discovering Reading

Do you remember the joy you felt when discovering reading for the first time?

Do you remember re-reading books over and over as a child and seeking out all the books you could find in a series or by your favourite author?

Do you remember devouring new books and exploring new exciting titles in your library or local bookshop?

When we 'grow up' do we lose that sense of discovery and adventure? Do we forget a little how it feels for children discovering reading?

September for me always reminds me of going back to school and a fresh start to a learning year.

This month, I'd love to share with you some guidance for supporting children to read and also how to challenge your reading habits this autumn if you feel you are stuck in a rut! 

Encouraging children to read

How lovely it is to be a passionate reader and that means we can share this hobby much more easily with the children in our lives. You already have a head-start!

The Book Trust offer some great age specific tips for reading with your child and they have some excellent reading guides if you want to learn more.

And what better time to start than at the start of the academic year?

We have added more children's books to our shop recently - starting from as little as £0 for Book Bubble customers!

It's a classic!

Why not take this opportunity to stretch your reading muscle too?

If you struggle with classic literature or feel it is inaccessible, read Stacked Shelves recommendations for which titles you can start with.

I was surprised by War & Peace being on her list as suitable for beginners - as I have probably been intimidated by it in the past - but it has inspired me to give it a chance.

We have plenty of these classics recommendations in our shop. Happy browsing! 


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