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It's All About Your Reading Experience

Brrrr....I hope you are keeping warm.

Today I wanted to share with you a bit about the condition of the books I have for sale - it's quality over quantity all the way.

Another Video From Me

Our books are in the best possible second-hand condition - practically new in many cases - and I personally hand-select each book with care. I reject quite a few based on content or condition. This video I hope explains this more clearly with some examples. 

I want to create the best reading experience I can for you all and sell books that bring joy, help you reflect and, most importantly, will offer you some quality alone time. 

If you are ever unsure about the condition of a particular book - if it's for a gift perhaps - do get in touch and I will reassure you but they are almost always in excellent/like new condition!

Please watch the video for more information and, if you can, please like and subscribe to my social media channels as it helps me spread the word - thank you.

What I'm Reading

At the moment I'm reading 'The Sea House' by Esther Freud.  So many layers for such a small book. Really keeps you guessing. I am really enjoying savouring this book and not rushing through it - we have enough of that in our day to day lives. 

I do have a nice copy of Esther Freud's 'Hideous Kinky' in my shop if you're interested in trying her.

She also features in an afterward of a lovely looking collection of short stories by Tove Janson - aptly named 'A Winter Book'. I think we can all relate to the image on the front cover at the moment.

Happy browsing and stay well.


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