Benefits of Reading Non Fiction

Non fiction titles cover such an incredibly broad range of subjects and styles, that there really is something for everyone.

While it is easy to imagine the benefits of reading fiction for escapism and improved mental health, it may surprise you to learn that reading non fiction offers similar benefits.

Research by the National Literacy Trust found that "more children and young people who read non-fiction were motivated to read for educational purposes, to satisfy curiosities, to foster social connections and to support their mental wellbeing."

Increased Environmental Awareness

The study also found that there was a link between reading non-fiction and taking care of the planet stating: "More non-fiction readers said that taking care of the environment was important to them (68.7% vs 48.6% of those who didn’t read non-fiction)..."

Read the full report here

To celebrate Non Fiction November, we wanted to highlight our non fiction titles and celebrate all things to do with both our precious environment and wellbeing.

Let our non fiction titles transport you into nature and the world around us and help you secure inner calm.


What Can You Do?

Remember every time you buy a book from Book Bubble vs buying a new book, you are making a positive step for the environment.
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